5 Hidden Gem Asian Restaurants in Markham’s FMP Plaza!

 Markham has a reputation for being one of the places with the best asian restaurants in GTA, and there’s a few well known plazas hosting the best there is. First Markham Place is certainly a place we all know and love, but have you guys heard of these hidden gems?


  1. Malay Thai


Out of the abundance of asian food options at FMP’s food court, you wouldn’t want to miss Malay Thai. This place was even featured on CBC television! Offering authentic Singaporean, Thai, and of course Malaysian food, these dishes are mouth watering and stimulate the palate with authentic spices. Be sure to check out their Curry Laksa noodles, Char Kway Teow (stir fried noodles) and Mie Goreng (trust me, tastes way better than the instant noodle type). 


  1. Brown Donkatsu 

Calling all katsu and ramen lovers! This place is probably one of the best katsu and ramen places that I’ve been to. The ramen broth is just wonderfully rich and creamy, and you even get to choose the spice level to perfect your bowl of noodles. Top this off with curry or cheese katsu and you’ll be having the best Japanese feast ever. I mean, just look at the cheese on that katsu!


  1. Korean Food Express


Looking for some quick yet delicious Korean food? Be sure to check out Korean Food Express, also located in the food court! Not only are the Korean dishes a decent price, the portion sizes are worth every cent. Their pork bone soup is a classic, so rich, and the right level of spice. Top this off with authentic Korean side dishes like kimchi, fish cake and radish. Also, shout out to the ahjumma working there! She’s super considerate and sweet, and will offer you tea, desserts and more side dishes to share with your friends! A+ for customer service! 


  1. Eggette Hut


Missing some HK bubble egg waffles? Eggette Hut offers warm egg waffles in delicious flavours including the original, cheese, chocolate, durian, minced pork floss and many more. Hot and crispy on the outside, but full of cream and flavour on the inside. For first timers, we recommend trying the original bubble waffle to get the most authentic taste! This is perfect to snack on with your friends and you can even add a drink (pop, mango pomelo sago drink, etc) for a discount! 


  1. Yunshang Rice Noodle 

As the days get colder and colder, I’m always craving steaming hot soups. Yunshang Rice Noodle is a cuisine from Yunnan province in China, known for its crossing the bridge rice noodle soup. This authentic “crossing the bridge” noodle soup is a cross between hot pot and noodle soup. The soup broth is boiled for more than 12 hours (just imagine how good it sounds right now *mouth watering emoji*), and is served with classic rice noodles with seafood, beef, pork, fish cake, veggies and various small chinese ingredients. Plus you can add UNLIMITED noodles to your soup for FREE! Sometimes, they offer holiday discounts so be sure to follow their social media for updates!