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Make your restaurant a safe place to dine by deploying a contactless QR Code menu.

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Create a menu using our intuitive editor and publish for use 100% for FREE forever!

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Download and print the QR codes on your printer or have us send you our premium easy-peel, water proof stickers

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Place your QR codes on easy to access surfaces such as tables or walls for quick scanning

Our Clients

As a proudly Canadian company headquartered in Toronto, our digital menus are trusted by restaurants of all backgrounds!

A reimagined Dining Experience

Contactless is the new normal

Access Free Digital Contact Tracing

With the same QR codes you printed for your menus, enable our free and double encrypted digital contact tracing form that values privacy above all else.

Give your customers peace of mind

Eliminate the need for dirty paper menus (with bacteria counts of 185,000 per square cm, that's a lot more than toilet seats and door handles)!

Save On Printing Costs​

Gone are the days of reprinting 30 menus for a simple price change! Change information and reflect updates in real time through our editor.

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Rise to the top

decrease overhead

Save on menu printing, designs and shipping costs. Focus on making people happy with your food and let us worry about the boring stuff. 

Make your customers feel safe

Best Practices

Our contact tracing not only saves you time and effort, we also showcase the safety precautions your restaurant has taken to make your customers feel comfortable dining in.

Questions? Check our FAQ below.

Can’t find an answer? Let's not be strangers and e-mail us at [email protected]

Anyone with a smartphone will be able to scan the QR code and view the menus

Simply log in to our editor as admin anytime and edit the menu however you like. You can also easily disable your menu and republish it anytime.

No, the QR codes you created the first time will reflect any changes you make on the editor in real time. 

We support every and any language you can think of. We’ll put up dad jokes in every language, as long as you can type it!

You can create a fully functioning digital menu and QR codes for customer to use for FREE. We only charge you for additional features and if you want us to send you our premium easy-peel, waterproof stickers

It’s free forever, you can put it up for 1000 years and make unlimited amount of changes

No, all smartphones these days have built in QR code scanners.

Yes! Your digital menu is yours and you can put it anywhere you like. 

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